WARNING! A good looking station wagon!

Few South Africans like station wagons. But is the new Volvo X60 Estate actually good looking? Or, are we just hungover?

Well, here’s something to toy with your hungover Sunday. The new Volvo X60 Estate is actually good looking, which messes with every truth we’ve ever known as car-loving South Africans.

Not long ago, in a podcast too long to care about, we explained why station wagons are just not popular in South Africa and much of that has to do with the fact that they’re ugly – and that South Africans, when it comes to cars – are shallow enough to care about being seen in ugly cars.

Anti-Station Wagonism: The Real Reason

In fact, South Africans hate being seen in station wagons so much these days, that if you want one – a BMW estate for example – you have to get it specially ordered from Europe. Mercedes, the legends, no longer sell station wagons at all inside our borders! A hectic relief, we know...

Now, much of this demise has to do with the rise of the soft SUV, like the Sportage and Tucson, which frankly just give you more car. Also, the fact that you can take it off road in a country as rock-climbing-ly awesome as ours helps its case.

But, it’s the safety element of the soft SUV that is probably the most significant reason why families prefer it to the station wagon because larger broadly means safer, and that is precisely what most soccer moms and dads rightly look for when choosing four wheels in Africa.

But, if ever there was a time to reconsider our station wagon distaste, this is it: It’s called the X60 Estate and it looks really good! But, as good as it looks, make no mistake: It will unlikely be sold in South Africa so we will tell you nothing more about it except for the fact that it is has 529 litres of boot space.

Now, we literally have no idea what that means, or if it means anything at all for anyone who doesn’t live in drought-stricken Cape Town, but it certainly sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Oh wait. Nevermind. You can fit more on the back of a Ford Ranger, which, yet again, is another reason not to own a station wagon, whether it’s as good looking as this here Volvo, or as ugly as every other station wagon on the planet!