Infiniti Project Black S confirmed!

The Q60 Project Black S will be put into production and you can expect it towards the end of 2018. Shweet!

In April last year we brought you the Infiniti Q60 Project Black S, which looked pretty outrageous and promised to challenge the likes of BMW M4 and C63 AMG. Now, reports have emerged that it will become a production car and we can expect it at the Paris Motor Show towards the end of the year. Yes please!

Infiniti will challenge Motorsport and AMG

But wait - there's more! Not only will it rival the Germans, it will arrive as the most powerful in the segment and could push out as much as 400kW, which even touches on Nissan GTR territory! Absolute madness...

Now, according to Car Magazine South Africa, the car will utilise innovative F1 technology that converts kinetic energy into power, much like some hyper cars do already. What that means is that when you brake and accelerate, the heat generated doing so will be converted into power and that power will be injected into the motor to give it an extra boost.

Still, Tommaso Volpe, Infiniti’s director of global motorsport and performance projects, told that this vehicle will not be about power, nor are they fixated on it being the most powerful in the segment. It's about the technology apparently!

Well, we cry BS. That's like buying a Range Rover Sport and saying that you bought it for the off-roading adventures! Nonsense. Infiniti know very well what being the most powerful in the segment can do for sales and image and we're pretty sure that being the most powerful in the segment is the most brand powerful thing a performance car can do...

"It's not about being the most powerful," they said. Lol. These guys...

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