Jik! Hideous Elextra EV super car unveiled

A Swiss/German product, the Elextra EV is a new 4-door electric super car. It's hideous to say the least!

The ugliest shock of the year so far comes from Elextra, which is possibly the ugliest super car we have ever seen. It is absolutely atrocious, and from the front looks like it was drawn by a bored kid in maths class who wasted an hour's lesson playing with their protractor. Seriously, this is bad!

Who in their right mind signed off on this thing? Holy bananas! Fortunately for its front end's sake the profile of it is much better and the back-end is okay, but up front it looks horribly squint. But not in a quirky Alfa Romeo sort of way; in a 'I didn't have enough moola to employ a designer so I used my neighbour's niece because she took art to matric' sort of way.


It's ironic too. If they had spent just a hundredth of the amount on the looks of the thing as they did on the tech underneath, this thing would actually be quite cool. Like a typical electric car it offers some outrageous stats, made cooler by the fact that it carries 4 people. 0-100 in 2.3 seconds is hugely impressive, four bodies considered, and you can expect a 600km driving range, which is nice, considering that it's best you don't stop much in case someone sees you.

Seriously Elextra. No sane human being would want to be seen in this thing. Surely not!

Dearest reader, what do you think of it? Tell us we're not crazy, please!