WATCH! New Lexus UX Revealed (mostly)

Lexus have a brave new face and we like it - a lot! But, the Toyota CH-R screaming through it is kind of off-putting...

We know we're being pedantic but we'd be blind if we didn't see the Toyota CH-R screaming through this UX. It's kind of off-putting to be honest. Because although we quite like the CH-R, it's one of those cars that you forget about in 3 months much like a Katy Perry song. Nope, not quite the car you want to bring home to Mama if you know what I mean!

Still, Katy Perry's addictive and forgettable music aside (and the adjoining CH-R) this UX is very nice looking and we absolutely love Lexus's brave new face. Good for you, Lexus, good for you!

Cheers! Lexus are done being people pleasers!

But, about the backside though, we can't be sure of it yet really because, well, it hasn't been unveiled. What we can see of it though in the video is a single back light that stretches all the way across, which looks pretty sick! We think...

So, come on Lexus. Bring on the Fireworks!