Pretty & electric Jaguar I-Pace to get SA launch

The Jaguar I-Pace is stunning and will arrive in SA next year. But, are we ready to charge it?

Hats off to Jaguar who will bring the fully electric and absolutely stunning I-Pace to South Africa in 2019. Listen carefully though: This is not a hybrid, this is a fully electric SUV capable of 0-100 dash time in 4.5 seconds and significantly will have a 480km driving range.

With 700Nm of torque, it will be Ford Ranger Wildtrak sort of powerful and without an engine, will boast some outrageous storage space. Indeed, it is the setter of trends, the trend-setter, and from what we know, will become the first significant electric car to be sold here because of its green-green purity, stunning looks, driving capabilities and its need to be charged.

Now, this is all good and well and yes, this I-Pace is absolutely stunning , but will our garages be able to charge it?

Indeed, it’s not entirely clear where you will be able to charge your new I-Pace if you’re so inclined to spend the money on one (which we imagine will be a lot), or if you’ll be prepared to wait the 1 hour and 25 minutes to watch it “fill the tank”.

Jaguar Land Rover SA however, says that they will be fully prepared to sell and service electric vehicles, which we take to mean that you’ll probably have to go to your nearest Land Rover to get it

filled up.


Because, to do so, you will need a 50kW DC charging point, which we’ve learnt is a lot of “DCs”. To put it into context, Car Magazine tells us that charging your I-Pace at home on a 7kW DC charging point will take over ten years and we can’t imagine that anyone would be very pleased with that.

But, it’s the question of which was first - the chicken or the egg? In South African electric car terms it seems that it will be the chicken. Yes, this I-Pace will forge new territory and infrastructure as Africa prepares for the electric 20s and says good bye to the oil still chilling beneath it.

No doubt, we love it for that! We wouldn’t buy it, no, but love the people who will!