Senna-licious! New Special Edition McLaren unveiled

McLaren’s favourite hobby is building special edition versions of their outrageous cars. Now, they’ve made one without any paint that takes longer to paint than a painted one. Nice!

Holy bananas! Checks this thing bro. It’s called the McLaren Senna Carbon Theme by MSO (McLaren Special Operations) and it is absolutely everything you want a supercar to be. It is outrageously handsome, but unfortunately drops the see-through doors of the original Senna in place of ordinary ones.

That’s possibly the only disappointment because everything else is downright perfect. Fully naked in carbon fibre (with splashes of colour here and there), it arrives slightly hotter as well, and drops its 0-100km/h dash time to 2.8.

Jip, the 4-liter V8 is still in working order, twin-turbo’d and all, and will still break your back into little pieces just because it can. It is a monster for the track and not really the road (although the road is where you’ll want to be seen in it) and there’s possibly nothing more brilliant to be seen in at the moment.

No doubt, McLaren are currently the hottest property in the hyper and super car market these days and keep releasing banger after banger for, what seems to be, plain ol’ fun. Just a week after Ferrari releases the pissed-off Pista, McLaren respond with a big middle finger. F-U, it says. Beat this!

Now, we could rattle off further numbers that will impress you even more, but there’s one specific number that we want to touch on for a moment - the splashes of colour all about the thing, from the solar yellow on the exterior panels to the laurel green callipers, that apparently take some time to paint.

How much, would you reckon? 3 hours? 5 hours? Surely not 20 hours to paint a few tiny panels here and there.

Nope. 250 hours! 250 hours to splotch it with colour! What? How? I mean it’s an amazing stat to share, but seriously, how? How is that even possible? Was the painter high out of his tree and then slept for 248 hours before starting? Who knows…


Oh, and on other crazy numbers, how’s this one? R12.2 million - the price of it. Ridiculous! But, chill though bro. Only 500 will be made and all have already been sold. So hadi for you…