LEAKED! First official image of AMG GT

A European car blog has somehow got hold of some serious artillery. It’s the AMG-GT and spoiler alert – it’s nxa!

It would appear that the first official image of the production ready Mercedes AMG-GT 4-door has been leaked ahead of its Geneva unveiling and it's good news: It looks very similar to the brilliant concept unveiled last year and is touted to hit 100km/h in under three seconds. Nice!

Here it is - the leaked image. It's very similar to the concept unveiled last year, which is also seen here in red.

Using hybrid power, an electric motor will boost an already outrageous 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, and kW figures are expected somewhere around 500. It’s good news for Mercedes lovers the world over but bad news for Porsche-pushers. As a direct rival to the Panamera, it doesn’t take an art critic to see that this makes the Panamera look like dog food.

This Mercedes is truly beautiful. Truly, and arrives within days of BMW’s recent teaser of the 4-door 8-series, which is also set to rock the Panamera waters!

No doubt, there are some interesting times ahead! So, watch this space in the upcoming days as we prepare for Geneva! Bring it on bro...