WATCH: Bugatti Chiron-Sport teased

Can you really produce more than 1118kW? It would seem so. The Chiron-Sport has just been teased.

Although it's just a teaser video that tells us nothing more really than the fact that Bugatti has hired a video editor and sound producer who are both probably over-paid, Bugatti has still released it: It is a 4-piped version of the already ridiculous Chiron that suggests a jump to 1342 kW! That's if we're seeing things correctly of course and there is in fact an '1800' where the '1500' normally is.

Regardless, it is a stirring teaser of something called the Chiron-Sport and indeed (and thank goodness) it will be unveiled as early as tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show! But, in the mean time you can go to to find its name. "Page Not Found" is what lies beyond clicking it, which is undoubtedly deliberate and meant to stir the mystery even more.

A mystery it still may be for the next few hours but be assured when it is no longer that, it will most certainly beat the current stats the standard Chiron has on offer. Like 0-100 in 2.4 seconds and 0-200 in 6.5. But, let's be honest, if it doesn't trump the Tesla Roadster, will it even be worth it?

Well, let's see! Bring on Geneva...

Click on the following image to see the teaser video.