GENEVA LIVE: Eskom gets a new diesel-electric hypercar

Techrules, the coolest car name ever, have unveiled the Ren RS, which, hear this, is a diesel hybrid hypercar from China. Say what?

It uses 2 diesel-powered turbines to charge 6 electric motors that all-in-all produce 7,722Nm of torque (10 times that of a Ford Ranger).

No doubt, it's somewhat embarrassing then that it gets to 100km/h in 3 seconds in a world where Tesla can nearly do half that.

But hear this: This monster has a 1170km driving range brought about about by the diesel turbines, which recharge its batteries while driving.

Sick! This is a diesel super car then made just for South Africa just in case Eskom overpays another CEO, turns off the plugs and you can't charge the batteries...