GENEVA LIVE: Extreme Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro revealed

If you thought the Valkyrie couldn’t get any more awesome, well, take a look at this bro!

What must be one of the most stunning track cars ever released is this non-road legal version of the Valkyrie that has been stripped of all of its inners and made to quite literally get sucked-on-in-under its own insignificant weight. It produces more downforce than it weighs and, says F1 legend Christian Horner who helped produce it, is “quite impressive”.

Well, we would imagine so. It goes without saying that this bolt of lightning is more than quite impressive and must simultaneously feel like you’re glued to the tar, whilst still skating over it.

Unfortunately, all 25 set to be built have already been sold, which, we must tell you, come with a redbull-racing-spec racing driver each just to teach you how to get the most from your new, over-priced and deadly toy. Indeed, expect a kW-measure in excess of 1100, which is needless, also “quite impressive”.

No doubt, we think it looks brilliant!