GENEVA LIVE: Renault’s vision for future taxis is the EZ-GO

Although it doesn’t look like a Renault, it’s not supposed to. It’s meant to attract city planners, not consumers.

Renault have laid down their commitment to a self-driving future with this, the Renault EZ-GO, pronounced ‘eezzie-go’, which is an all-electric taxi boasting seats that face each other. It comfortably holds six, which is impressive when you consider that it is actually not that big.

It is about the size of a large luxury saloon, but cleverly placed and compact batteries mean that there is a ridiculous amount of space so you can enjoy the company of friends and family without having to sit on their lap and smell their breath.

A top speed of just 50km/h means that it will be safe too, besides the fact that you’ll be cocooned in a moving glass ball. Renault hopes though that by 2030 (which is just 11 years away) that that won’t be too much of an issue as the world by then (Europe that is) will be mostly self-autonomous anyway, and that that will mean things will be a whole lot safer.

Fortunately for some, and not so fortunately for others who like Renault, this does not look like a Renault at all, and is much like the Toyota E-Palette in that sense. Renault are thinking bigger than you and I and this will likely be sold to cities in bulk as they look to adopt a future of practical and alternative transport.

Regardless, we quite like it to be honest.