GENEVA LIVE: Seat unveil stunning Cupra e-Racer

Seat pulled out of South Africa years ago. When we see cars like this though, we really miss them.

How’s this? Seat have unveiled the fully electric Cupra e-Racer, which will never be available publicly, most certainly won’t ever come to South Africa but will, still, for years to come, turn the heads of car lovers the world over.

It’s a brilliant take on the racing future and will likely race in the upcoming E TCR racing series – one of many new electric racing circuits that are being formed in response to the ‘electric spring’.

With an electric motor that revs to 12000rpm and a claimed 500kW of pure and continuous electric power, we’re not even sure that we’re mature enough to know the stats. We’d giggle too much! Incidentally, none have been released yet so thank goodness for that.