GENEVA LIVE: VW unveil I.D. Vizzion

With level 5 autonomy, this is something you can expect to drive (but technically not drive) by 2030. It’s not a car. It’s a ‘host’!

A production version of the innovative I.D Vizzion (as you see it here in function and form) will hit showroom floors by 2030. But, expect to see one with a steering wheel and pedals by 2022 boasting the fully-electric tech of the coming I.D. range, capable of 665km driving range and 0-100 dash time of 6.3 seconds.

We’re somewhat relieved to be honest. Another electric car capable of sub-4 seconds will get very boring very quickly as there is only so much more cars can do to “step it up” in performance terms. If everyone is buzzing around in super car territory, well, what will be the point of super cars then?

6.3 seconds is more than ample for what will ultimately become the electric replacement for the current family-saloon Passat, but know that this Vizzion will sit considerably above that in class and stature. In time, expect this to be somewhat of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class rival, with tech set to blow our mind.

Everything from the usual Black Mirror nonsense like gesture interactions, AI and habit learning to even more creepy stuff, like temperature senses to detect if you’re hot or cold for the appropriate aircon adjustments. Yes, in future, you won’t be able to tell yourself apparently so thank goodness for VW.

Perhaps the most significant part of the I.D. range though (and other competing self-autonomous brands for that matter) is this idea of the ‘host’ and not a car. It is the first we’ve heard of the reference but it is deeply jarring. This here I.D. Vizzion will be a ‘host’ and will arrive as a lively new friend ready to pamper to your every need.

The problem with hosts though is that you’re a guest in their house. If ever they really wanted to, if ever they’re so inclined, surely they could kick you out or lock you in.