GENEVA LIVE: Stunning! BMW M8 Gran Coupe steals show

The much anticipated 8-series has culminated with this: Panamera's and AMG-GT's freshest nightmare.

What is quick becoming one of the most interesting and striking classes of car in the world are the large 4-door GT machines. Now, in the space of days, we have two new arrivals that are set to blow all others out the window. First came the Mercedes-Benz AMG-GT and now this – The BMW M8 Gran Coupe!

There is no way around it: This BMW is absolutely jaw-dropping and so far, we think, it has stolen the Geneva Motor show. From every angle it is absolutely stunning!

Be reminded though that this is only a concept but the production version is unlikely to change much as this 4 door monster prepares for its 2019 debut.

The Bavarian flag ship will share a motor with the current BMW M5 (outrageous enough) and is touted to push out around 450kW. Yes, that’s super car power in a 4-door tourer! No doubt, it will be more than enough muscle for any rational human being and we’re truly jealous of the politician who will get to own one as soon as 2019.

They can expect to pay north of R2-million if they want to be transported in a steroid-pumped M4.


Tax money well stolen.