GENEVA LIVE: New Bugatti Chiron-Sport is smoking socks

With little done to make it faster and a price tag from Jupiter, Bugatti must be going mad and smoking their socks.

We all know and kind've love the Bugatti Chiron (why, we're not sure) and this here Sport version is its attempt to get a little closer to the Tesla Roadster as that gap just keeps on widening.


So, what they've done to it is all so technically boring that you wouldn't care to read much about it - but, know this: It has shed 18kg and will cost you R3.3-million more on top of the already outrageous amount of zeroes you'll pay for the standard Chiron.

Oh yes, and now you get 2 more exhaust pipes for the hell of it and a fresher interior. Hardly the upgrades you'll want for the price increase, which incidentally you can pretty much buy a new Porsche 911 Turbo S for.

So, tell us then Bugatti, what the hell are you smoking? It must be socks!