GENEVA LIVE: Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo impresses inside and out

Porsche has surprised us with this innovative and versatile cross version of their Mission E Saloon. But, imagine the type who will drive it!

Photos - Porsche Media

This is basically an electric and raised version of the Porsche Panamera for the Porsche-lovers who are not quite car-loving enough for a 911, not quite Oupa enough for a Panamera, not quite adventure-going enough for the Cayenne, not quite mom-like enough for the Macan, not quite douchey enough for the Boxster and not quite awesome enough for a Cayman.

Yes, this is the Mission E Cross Turismo, which will, it seems, combine all of the above into one annoying package and become a car for the family who enjoys families -and kite-surfing in Langebaan. They also trail-run a lot, drop kids at school, a lot, and love talking at the braai about things we don’t really care about but should. Like Bitcoin.

Unlike Bitcoin though, this car actually is very interesting unlike (and what will become) its frustratingly ordinary, very fit and wealthy owner, and features some extraordinary tech, the most prominent of which worth mentioning is an electric motor that will charge in as quick as 15 minutes the every 400km-or-so that its required to. It will also, you’ll be glad to know, take this Porsche from 0-100 in under 3.5 seconds, which will add to the veracity of its owner’s perpetual drone.

Despite our reservations about who will buy it though, we like this E Cross Turismo a lot a lot. We like cross vehicles in general a lot and this just might very well be the pinnacle of all of those. If we were a surf board or a mountain bike, this is what we’d like to be strapped to because this will become to the Cross-segment what 911 is to sports cars. Pretty much the best.

As an aside, it is worth pointing that this is an experiment and a concept only but everything suggests that this will become a real production car as soon as 2019, which will, no doubt, add to Porsche’s ever growing and awesome offering.

On the inside, the ground-breaking tech continues. A camera in the rear view mirror picks-up your eye movement and then magnifies what you’re looking at on screen to make it clearer for you. In principal this sounds fantastic but if you think how your eye can quickly dart between things on a screen without ever really paying to attention to them, it could make for a very annoying setup.

Still, we would imagine that Porsche has worked through this potential problem and what you’ll get is great.

As for the E Cross Turismo itself, it looks great too and we hope that Porsche approves it.