GENEVA LIVE: Touring Superleggera unveils outdated Sciadipersia

Yes, we can't pronounce it either but Touring Superleggera - a bespoke Italian coachbuilder - has unveiled the Touring Sciadipersia, which is both unpronounceable and outdated.

The design itself, which is a serial-killer masked Maserati Gran Turismo, seems like its from the early noughties with an interior to match. It features nothing really that a Geneva-spec modern-type car would: Design, performance, relevance and luxury are all outdated so it's not entirely clear what the point of it is.

It is neither good looking enough to really care about or relevant enough to boast about, so why are we reporting on it?

Perhaps it has to do with the character of it and the reason you'll turn your head for it: It is certainly a statement to behold and if ever there was a reason to a love car, that is as good as any.

Only 10 of these will be built, but you'll have to provide the Maserati to do so. That Maserati (and this uglier version of it) will go from 0-100 in 4.6 seconds, which is kind of mid-noughties vintage too - and harks back to a simpler time when electric cars didn't embarrass petrol ones.