3 stunners you never saw at Geneva

Just when you thought Geneva was all done…there’s more bro!

The 2018 Geneva Motor Show will be remembered for many great cars: The debut of the monumental BMW M8 Gran Coupe, the intriguing Porsche Mission E-Cross Turismo and of course the first official unveiling of the scintillating GR Supra (albeit dressed in an annoying racing outfit that has once again prolonged the production car’s official reveal).

But, even with those stunners stealing the spotlight, there were others too that turned a whole lot of heads, including ours! So – here one last time to get you all giddy, are 3 stunning Geneva unveils that you probably never saw.

3. Subaru Viziv Tourer

Much love has been given to the new Viziv-line of concepts, from its first unveiling last year in Tokyo, which we absolutely loved, to the outrageous STI version of it in Detroit, which we absolutely loved even more. Now, Subaru have built on this successful concept and brought us a third derivative: The Tourer, which, as far as touring estates go, we absolutely love as well.

Although not entirely clear yet what will power the pretty Tourer, you can expect a Boxer motor of sorts and a likely dash of electricity to add a little more vigour to an already quite vigorous machine. Nice!

2. The Lagonda Vision Concept

One of the most innovative and intriguing concepts this year was by Aston Martin’s now official and ultra-luxurious sub-brand called Lagonda. Yes, the Rolls Royce-rivalling name is now formally out on its own and this here Vision Concept means that it will be just fine!

What you’re looking at is a ground breaking Limousine which was designed in such a way that you can stand inside it before you get out, which makes for the easiest exit and entry of any vehicle the world over (yes, some people actually worry about those things).

Level 4 autonomy also means that seats can be turned to face each other and smartly placed batteries embedded into the floor beneath you means that it’s a limousine with limousine sort of space but car like proportions. Shweet?

Looks real cool too!

  1. Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept

Arguably the show stopping concept at Geneva was a beautiful South Korean that was quite literally designed using the “golden ratio” – a mathematical relationship found in nature that is meant to bring about eye-watering perfection.

Certainly, the Le Fil Rouge is not far off from perfection and we must thank Hyundai for giving the world such a beautiful machine. That’s not all though: This is Hyundai’s new design language so you can one day expect to see its ghostly presence in an Elantra near you.

Nothing wrong with that bro!