Ready-to-buy & fly Pal V Liberty

The world’s first production ready flying car is Dutch. But is it a car at all?

The problem with flying cars, or at least this flying car, is exactly what the motoring world is currently trying to solve on the ground. You cannot even contemplate the flying car revolution without an integrated and fully-autonomous flying grid and until one is both sky and ground-ready you can kiss your flying car dream good bye.

That is precisely the problem with the Pal V Liberty. You need to be a pilot in order to use one and that makes for an exceptionally impractical flying car. Added to that, you require a short tar mac to both take off and land, 30 meters or so, so what exactly is car-like about this? It is frankly still too much of a plane (and helicopter) so if you’re wealthy enough to buy this, why not just buy a beautiful car and a helicopter instead and use them separately?

That’s what a CEO would do bro!

Now, as you know, GT MAG loves flying cars and of all motoring mags in the country, it reports more on flying cars than any other. So, that is why it is confident when it writes that only Airbus has a practical flying car solution in the Pop.Up as its system is fully autonomous and admits to the reality that flying cars will only ever work when those who fly in them will not have control of them.

Check out the Pop.Up and other flying cars here

Besides our Star Wars dreams, we will not be able to control flying cars of the future. Instead, like in the Pop.Up, which first featured last year at Geneva and is still not ready for production, flying cars will be an automated taxi mesh of awesome views and sights from up above, without you ever having to make a single decision except for ordering it like an Uber.

That and the fact that the car itself is detachable from its flying drone mechanism, means that we won’t be suffocated by the atrocity of folded wings everywhere we look and will not require tarred run-ways every three streets.

No doubt, GT MAG loves the Pal V Liberty for what it is: A machine that flies and drives. What’s not to love? But, in every practical sense of the word it is an absolute waste of money and is as innovative as a 1960s flying car built by your mad neighbour.

This will never take off. Never.