Lambo’s Performante Huracan Spyder!

The hot version of the Huracan drops the top! Camps Bay – here we come…

In all the hustle and bustle of the Geneva Motor Show, we almost missed it - almost! Indeed, it says a lot about the Geneva commotion that we almost did so, without further ado, here it is: Lamborghini’s new Lamborghini – the Performante Huracan Spyder! Wow. What a mouthful.

We, like you, love spidery version of ridiculous and fast cars and this here Spyder is nothing short of awesome from every angle – spoiler and all china! I mean, take a look at that spoiler son: It looks like it was glued on in the West Rand and we love the genius who thought it would look good. Because make no mistake - it does!

Jokes aside, we know that it actually “does” something when it comes to this level sort of vehicle. But what? We cannot be entirely sure, but we would imagine it somehow keeps you glued to the tar when your right foot feels a little heavy, which we imagine will happen relatively often if you owned one of these.

Because, 0-100 in 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 323km/h are the perfect two numbers to justify any spoiler. Heck – they’re the perfect two numbers to justify spending a casual 4-bar on it. Yes, R4-million – and up!

But, when you own a convertible Lamborghini designed for a noughties rapper, winding, sunny roads are the only roads that you want to be driving – and want to be seen driving on. Backdrop is everything!

So, thank goodness then that only Camps Bay residents can afford this because cars like this only look good in certain places anyway – hence the media release shots seen here – so if you’re planning on buying one, prepare to find a home with a sea or mountain view too because your sexy Lambo deserves it!

So go on then: Go house shopping before you go Lambo shopping, and look at it this way. What’s 4-bar on a silly little Lambo when you’re dropping 50 on a home? Camps Bay casual.