Hot! All-electric Audi e-tron Gran Turismo

No, it’s not often we’re excited about an Audi. But can this e-tron turn the tide when it arrives in 2020?

GT MAG is as clear on its stance about Audi as it has ever been. For the past decade Audi has been boring. The last exciting Audi was the Audi R8 and since then nothing it has released has really stirred the soul. Nothing, nothing, nothing!

In fact, of late, we’ve almost turned violent about our hate for the once great R8 because Audi has relied on its awesome legacy for so long that it has basically destroyed it. Poor R8. You deserved better. You deserved an owner that could replace you with dignity, not string you along for 12 years and just hope the world wouldn’t notice.

But, is this all about to change? Is there hope on the horizon for the ever-reliable and ever-monotonous German automaker because take a look at this: Today Audi announced its first sporty and electric saloon due in 2020 and it sounds like something out of the transformers.

The e-tron Gran Turismo! It’s an all-electric and very sporty 4-door GT that will look to take the fight to the new BMW M8 Gran Coupe, Mercedes AMG-GT and of course the very successful, but hideously shaped, Porsche Panamera.

So, understandably, we’re excited. It looks good (although heavily shadowed in the adjoining picture), and speaks of a new dawn. Yes, a new world where Audi rises from the ashes and smashes the car-loving planet like the R8 once did almost an eon ago. Oh how we pray…

Still though, there is a very long way to go. Very long! But, if what emerges from this is remotely like the shadowy image seen here then, well, maybe there is hope. Maybe there is life in the German giant yet…

Watch this space.

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