A not-so-special edition McLaren!

Whether you’re a fan of McLaren or not, it would seem that they’re bordering on desperate with yet another “special” edition. Meet the 570GT MSO Black Collection.

Any rational human being likes McLaren. What’s not to like? Sexy and super-fast super cars are very difficult to hate and here’s why: Because, well, that’s why!

But, when McLaren unveil a new and special edition McLaren nearly every week, it kind of takes away from the ‘specialness’ in its badge, not to mention the ‘specialness’ in its so-called “special” editions. Frankly, it reeks of desperation.

Now, we’re not fools. We know why McLaren does this – because it needs to. Because it needs to remain relevant and to boost income; to squeeze as much as possible from the original 570S that, remember, took beyond tens-of-millions to conceive and to create. It’s understandable!

But, when one brand releases so many special editions so frequently, you have to question how “special” they actually are.

Because, what’s special with this one really, besides a new and lighter exhaust setup (by 5 kgs and all) and a blacked-out paint job? Oh yes, the rear view camera has also been upgraded and there’s a better sound system! Yes, all those things you could have gotten installed in Germiston...

For an extra R80 000 you can also get an electrochromic roof, allowing you to select from five different degrees of tint, which is pretty pimp we suppose, but you’ll have to decide quickly because only 100 of these “special” McLarens will be built and all will be sold for R3-million.

Our thoughts though: If you don’t get one, don’t worry. Another “special edition” will probably arrive soon anyway and you can buy that farce instead.

Thanks McLaren!