A not-so-special edition McLaren!

Whether you’re a fan of McLaren or not, it would seem that they’re bordering on desperate with yet another “special” edition. Meet the 570GT MSO Black Collection.

Any rational human being likes McLaren. What’s not to like? Sexy and super-fast super cars are very difficult to hate and here’s why: Because, well, that’s why!

But, when McLaren unveil a new and special edition McLaren nearly every week, it kind of takes away from the ‘specialness’ in its badge, not to mention the ‘specialness’ in its so-called “special” editions. Frankly, it reeks of desperation.

Now, we’re not fools. We know why McLaren does this – because it needs to. Because it needs to remain relevant and to boost income; to squeeze as much as possible from the original 570S that, remember, took beyond tens-of-millions to conceive and to create. It’s understandable!