Facelifted C-Class Coupe & Cabrio

The tweaked C-Class extends a successful period for Mercedes.

On the German front, the battle for dominance is widely regarded as a Mercedes vs BMW one, and no where is it felt more than when we compare the C-Class and the 3-series.

For years BMW triumphed and it wasn't until 2007 that Mercedes really took the fight to BMW with the W204 shape that you'll all know and probably like when you see it (it's the shape before this one).

But still, the hangover from the hideous C-Class of the early 2000s was still strong and we had to wait until the current C-Class to be sure that Mercedes now produce a prettier car than BMW - at least in this segment.

That prettier Mercedes is this one - and this one, now, is the latest version to arrive with subtle tweaks all about it, most of which you cannot see but trust, they're there bro.

There is a subtle facelift if you've got the eye to see it (look harder Simba) but it's the new tech rather that you'll dig telling your homies about at your next braai: Like the witchcraft that the C200 inherits called EQ Boost that nobody else will care about except you if you've bought it.

For brace yourselves for boredom my friends:

This new hybrid setup adds 10kW to the motor (wow), supposedly eliminating turbo lag on the way. But then, when you leave the accelerator, an alternator catches the kinetic energy inside it, which is then used to charge the battery again, that in turn, then adds 10kW to your next pull-off - once again.

Sho. Boring, boring, boring.

Still, this C-Class is nice to look at and look at it we shall. As for the engines, only the AMG is worth talking about in future - we apologise. Incidentally, it will have to be in the future because the facelifted version of it still hasn't arrived.