The GSi is back! (kind of)

Yes you 17-inch-loving bunch of mad Mofos. Your first car just got a GSi badge!

Whenever you buy your first car – or if ever you’re handed one as sweet as this (eish, marra those rich kids) – make sure that it has the correct size wheel arches to take 17s!

But, worry not, with the new Opel Corsa GSi you're all set, because even 18s are an option here - and it’s one of the many sick and pointless choices that you’ll just love.

So - so what if it’s not as hot as an OPC? It’s sick regardless and you’d be crazy not to think so!

We love the Corsa here at GT MAG because it speaks to us: It reminds of our earliest car-loving dreams, when a Corsa could simultaneously be your Ouma’s get-around, while also your cousin Niresh’s latest racing machine (neon lights and all my bru).

It is everything you’ll ever want in a car and just seems like it’s one of those machines you’ll fall in love with. No, it’s not a Golf or a 1-series. Or a private school A-Class. Heck, it’s not even as good as a Fiesta! But son. It’s a Corsa GSi! It's synonymous with South African car loving culture - and how cool is that?

Importantly, how cool are you if you get it? Get it in this exact yellow and we’d say very! Love it.

Ps. Engine size? Who knows, but probably a 1400 turbo. But, as it might not come to South Africa anyway (annoying, we know) it shouldn't have you worried