Karlmann King: World's most expensive 4X4

Costing a casual R26 Million, you would expect the stars! Fortunately, you'll get them.

Ladies and gents from all across Mzansi, behold: The Karlmann King, the world's most extravagant and expensive 4X4 that arrives with a coffee machine, a Playstation 4, optional bullet-proofing and of course, an interior out of a middle eastern palace.

Holy bananas!

It is a Chinese-designed "stealth" vehicle so opulent that it also comes with a roof of fake stars, instead of a sun roof to see the real ones. What it means is that you have so much money to spend on a 4X4 that you've forgotten the reason to buy one in the first place: To get to places where stars are as clear as HD pixels can generate.

Yes, it is ludicrous from every angle, meant to provide an "unprecedented visual feast", but what it gives you instead is a stomach ache. Or does it? We can't quite decide if it's brutally hideous or brilliantly sculpted, so we'll just say its neither - and let you decide!

Weighing in at nearly 6000kg, when you include the bullet-proofing, you'll be surprised to know that its V10 only pushes 295kW and has a top speed of 140km/h. Yes, we're pretty sure you can hit that speed on a leg-driven scooter down Beyers Naude (please don't though) so we'll let you decide if that sort of power - no matter the amount of on-board stars - is worth R26 million.

R26 million! Come on bro - these guys are playing games. Seriously. It's sickening.

But, what's more sickening is this: Those set to be built will get sold and those who buy it won't even need to worry about the carbon destruction in its wake. For one, they probably own an oil field anyway and don't really care (we're not joking, the launch video is literally aimed at Arab princes and those equally rich, check it out on our site), and two: Dirty air will never be a problem anyway.


The Karlmann King also comes with on-board air purifiers.

Sheesh. How 'bout that bro...