MISSING! Please find our friend Bonkers

Please look out for our missing friend Bonkers. He is a lonely BMW M4 by tuning house Manhart, with a set of red powder-coated rims and 405kW of GTR-crushing heart break.

He is a deeply violent and disturbed machine, who likes to spend his days on the West Rand eating sausage rolls and his evenings on the East Rand ch'uning okes at Stones.

Please do not approach: He will cut your GTI with that spoiler so quick you won't even know your cousin from your brrutha, who, when you see him again, will be crying carrots so hard he'll be walking effed-up from now until the next Ultra.

Last seen in and abouts Lenasia, he screams like an E46 - right - but just when you think it's all torque, he klups you with a turbo lag so hard you'll be spinning like a set of West Coast rims designed for Cassper.

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