Refreshing Triton Athlete takes on the big boys

There's not many Tritons on South African roads. But have we overlooked something impressive?

In ancient Greek mythology Triton is the son of Poseidon - and Poseidon, you might remember, is the God of the sea. As such, Triton was never going to be as powerful or as cool as his father and you shouldn’t hate him for that. It wasn’t his fault.

Of course, Poseidon in this predictable metaphor is the Ford Ranger Raptor and Triton is, well, the Triton Athlete. But, don’t let this analogy fool you: In the world of bakkie mythology, Poseidon is not that much more powerful than his son. In fact, with 70Nm more of wheel-turning torque, Poseidon is not revolutionary at all, and it gets us thinking why we don’t see more Tritons on the road?

Of course, much of that has to do with styling. Nope, it’s not very pretty, is it? It’s drawn too creatively for a segment that rightly demands box-shaped lines. But, more influentially, we don't see many Tritons because most bakkie-buyers already have their favourites set-in before they hit bakkie-buying age, which is beaten into all of us before we can barely see over the steering wheel.

Triton never stood a chance. And, honestly, you wouldn’t be mad if you overlooked it. Most people do. In fact, you see more black rhino than you do the Triton in South Africa, which gets us thinking: Is that a bit of a shame?

Mitsubishi, after all, does offer exceptional reliability and value, and you’d probably be pleasantly surprised if you bought this here Athlete (if of course you were brave enough to stand around the braai and take the hits).

But now, seeing this, we’re wondering why those hits even come at all. Are we crazy, but is this Triton Athlete actually quite nice or have Mitsubishi done what they’ve set out to do so successfully that we can’t see the ugliness beneath that gimmick paint job?

If anything, this Athlete is refreshing and comes with a whole bunch of flagship things that make it far cooler than the standard. Like orange stitching. And orange on the bumpers. And a set of 17s that will make people look twice! Nice. And it gets us thinking: Should we look twice then the next time we set out to buy a bakkie?

For beyond the blinkers of what Dad taught us, maybe there is a bit more out there. Maybe that’s a Mitsubishi. Maybe…

Look – it’s just a thought. Don’t eat me up at the braai for thinking out loud!