NY LIVE: A boring Audi or not?

Another boring Audi? Maybe not...

Here’s the truth of it: We hate to hate Audi but we do. Their cars have quite literally not changed shape in a decade and we cannot stand to see another.

This one however, we can stand, and much of that has to do with that aggressive bonnet, that at least gives this new RS5 Sportback an angry look. A very angry look! And very angry is good when it comes to cars that can hit 100km/h in under 4 seconds.

Incidentally, this one can - in 3.9 seconds to be exact, with a top speed of 280, which, if you're an Audi-hater or not, is good, reliable Audi news. Good enough to buy it though? Perhaps.

Certainly, if you’re so inclined to drop the 1.2-bar-or-so to own it, we suggest that you get it in this here green.

Why? Well, it looks pretty shweet, doesn’t it, and at least you can convince the world that you’re more interesting than not even though you bought an Audi.