NY LIVE: Rolls-Royce's new starry-eyed Luminary

It comes with the night sky. What else do you need? Oh yes. Wood from the Czech Republic.

There are few cars that we truly believe are worth well over R4-million as most are just famous names accompanied by zeroes. But, few would disagree that a bespoke Rolls-Royce should cost anything less especially if it comes with a ceiling filled with the night stars.

Why? In case you need a romantic and starry-eyed escape bro! Why else?

This new Wraith Luminary arrives in a colour Rolls-Royce call sun-burst grey, and features a hand-painted copper line that would be unimpressive on everything else except this. Only 55 will be built, which makes it possibly the most exclusive way to travel on the planet. Unless of course you own a private jet with a view of real stars, which you probably do if you can afford one of these.

The engine remains the same though – all 465 impressive kWs of it – but you do get a hand-woven stainless steal fabric that surrounds the doors. Why that’s cool is not very clear, but once you see it, you’ll understand.

This is elite bro and if ever you imagined yourself as a driver of something more rare than an endangered species, this is what you imagined driving. Or not. You’ll probably be in the back anyway because no real Rolls-Royce driver drives themselves but instead gets his or her butler to do so.

The cabin is finished in Tudor Oak Wood, which, you’ll be happy to know is specially sourced from the forests of the Czech Republic. It means that exclusivity doesn’t care much for the environment, especially when it comes to searching for the most brilliant wooden colour - which, apparently this is.

How they created the roof and starry panels you’ll love: 1,340 fibre optic lights were placed to replicate the night sky, which takes 20 pain-staking hours to do.

Gets you thinking: Why not just make it a convertible then?