NY LIVE: VW Atlas Cross Sport Concept

VW's Atlas Cross is a pretty thing that's arriving next year. Let's hope it looks this good!

A close to production version of VW’s new sporty SUV, the Atlas Cross Sport, has been unveiled at the New York Motor Show and you’ll be happy to know this: It’s not only pretty, but clever too. Its 3.6-litre V6 is mated to two electric motors, which means that this sporty SUV will jump to 100km/h in about 5.5 seconds, which is good news.

Not such good news is that there will also be a lighter hybrid version of the same car, which will drop the power output and offer such insignificant electric boost that you’ll wonder why it’s even being considered.

But, it’s the front end, and all that running LED that you love most about it and the reason you’re probably reading these words. To get the answer to this question: Will it retain that awesome face or will it dull down into a normal looking VW?

Well. We don’t know yet. But, we have good reason to suspect that it will remain as exciting as VW are adamant that this is a close to production version. We suppose that it has to be. The USA can expect it as soon as next year and we probably won’t be too far behind.


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