NY LIVE: Hyundai sub-brand unveil retro stunner!

Hyundai’s ultra-luxurious sub brand, Genesis, have just unveiled a modern retro masterpiece!

Thank you Hyundai! Or Genesis. Or whoever for this absolute stunner!  It's called the Genesis Essentia coupe and what you're looking at is the DNA for all future "Geneses" (is that the correct plural?) and sporty Hyundais.

Whatever its purpose - it's fabulous! 

We are especially impressed with its profile, which has a refreshing 50s swagger about it; but, out back you are also silently transported into another era with a majestically drawn bum straight out of Oupa's teenage dreams. 

Inside, the retro feel continues with ‘cognac’ coloured leather, which, if you didn’t know, is the most pretentious of all retro colours that makes you feel like smoking a cigar if you see it – even though you’ve probably never tried one and think that cigar smoking is for Cuban drug lords.

Of course, this thing is fully electric and is the first showing of full electric capacity by the South Korean automotive giant. And, what a debut it is: It is touted to come with a three-figure showing of just 3 seconds, which makes it all the more disappointing that there is no intent by Genesis or Hyundai to actually build this thing.

Rather, what you see here is a statement of intent, a preview, a taste of what the brand can offer. But, what that normally means is this (or at least we hope): Genesis are silently gauging what the world thinks of it and if there is an overwhelming response they might actually go head and build it.

Few concepts turn heads the way this one has at the New York Motor Show. The last to do so was the Urban EV by Honda, unveiled last year in Tokyo, and that there was so brilliant it eventually forced an announcement by Honda to approve it.

Now, we can only hope that Hyundai and the powers at Genesis read this: