NY LIVE: Meet Maserati’s new SUV

Maserati have entered the SUV game with the Levante Trofeo. Underneath, you'll find a Ferrari!

Because the unveiling of a sports-car-come-SUV is real exciting stuff, we’ll pretend that we don’t notice that the new Maserati Lavante Trofeo looks exactly like an Alfa Romeo Stelvio from the back.

That’s not a bad thing of course. The Stelvio is a very pretty machine, but it is a little embarrassing. It’s like when Jaguar started looking like Aston Martin about a decade ago and no one ever said a word because Aston Martins looked great - and every one wanted nicer looking Jags anyway.

You see, sometimes in life bro, looking good is all that matters and, as the shallow car lovers that we are, who are we to judge Maserati if they saw something in the Stelvio that started an automotive crush?


Of course though, that’s where the similarity with the cheaper Italian alternative ends. Because, in this far more expensive offering you’ll get a V8 built by Ferrari and a set of outrageous enough stats that will make any sports car lover smile, never mind SUV connoisseurs. This is so because when Ferrari touch something you’re always likely to end up smiling.

0-100 in 3.9 seconds means that it is as quick to 100km/h as yesterday’s green Audi, in a car substantially larger and more comfortable. Trimmed in “Pieno Fiore” natural leather, Maserati describe it as the “ultimate SUV”, boasting uncompromising comfort as you scream to 300km/h.

Well, Maserati. We do happen to like it when sports cars turn into SUVs – and we do happen to know that Maserati boasts the most sinister sounding of motors. We have no doubt that this Maserati will sound absolutely mesmeric too, and will suck you into a world of overwhelming luxury. As the fastest Maserati ever, we commend you for the Trofeo and look forward to hearing one one day soon.

But, to call yourself the “ultimate SUV” is a bit much. Because, imagine you could do all that and then still go off road and not get stuck?

It’s called a Range Rover.