One of these AprilFool-mobiles is REAL!

5 crazy AprilFool-mobiles by famous car brands. But, is one of them real?

Yes, even the car industry loves April Fools, and over the years car manufacturers have released many outrageous AprilFool-mobiles, some of which are just silly, some pretty believable and then some that we wished were real!

Here then are 5 of the best AprilFool-mobiles released over the past few years. But, can you tell which of the 5 was actually engineered and built? Can you tell which is real?

5. Aston Martin Project Sparta Monster Truck

This year Aston Martin announced a monster truck for the American Monster Jam series and, if anything, it looks the part. Or does it? We can’t tell! But, Aston Martin insist that this machine, to be engineered alongside its upcoming SUV, will take part in the US-based Monster Jam series from 2019 onward.  Nice. But is it real?

4. McLaren’s Feather Wrap

So, you’ve seen wrapping right? It can look pretty sick - sometimes... But have you seen McLaren’s feather wrap that they designed for the McLaren 570GT? It consists of 10 000 artificial carbon-veined feathers that add just 2.5 kg extra to the car. Cool - or not so cool? Mmm... But, is it real?

3. Mini Hipster Hatch

In 2016, Mini unveiled their Mini Hipster Hatch – a Mini that arrived with stone-washed denim seats, a twin deck cassette player and, of course, heads-up-Instagram-display as standard. Then, there was the checkered paint job and the ludicrous gear box that was said to imitate a hipster bicycle’s fixed-gear drive train. It is ridiculous, yes, and hilarious! But, is it real?

2. The Jeep Wrangler Grille

In what must go down as Jeep’s most awesome invention ever (or an awesome invention that never came) is this South African favourite. The Jeep Wranger Grille grill, which, as you can see, is a removable Jeep grill that can be used to braai. Say what? If this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, it is downright genius! Sommer press the brakes, gooi-on-a-choppie and relax. Mzansi style son! But, is it real?

1. The BMW M3 Bakkie

Jip, in 2011 BMW unveiled their BMW M3 bakkie, based on its then V8 M3 convertible. Needless to say we can imagine it at any South African robot wheel-spinning away like a bro on show! It is, dare we say it, ridiculously cool, and if it isn’t real, perhaps it should be. BMW claimed it weighed 50 kgs lighter than the BMW M3 and could hit 300km/h! But, is it real?


The real car is...


Yes, trust the Germans. They wanted to do an April Fools Joke in 2011 but instead of just releasing a sketch and a few funny lines like other car manufacturers, they actually engineered and built a BMW M3 bakkie that they then tested around the Nurburgring. Ever since, car media the world over have been testing and writing about the M3 UTE and wishing that BMW would actually release it.

Unfortunately however, although it is real and does apparently go like blue murder - it never made it into production.