New Santa Fe - the boring that you'll want

We thought the Santa Fe was going to be something extraordinary. Turns out it is just reasonable and nice looking. Jip, everything that you'll need.

Not long ago we took the brave step to include a concept sketch of the new Hyundai Santa Fe in our ultra-exclusive ‘South Africa Behold’ segment, which, as you may know, previews those very cars that we just know South Africa will love.

Like the Subaru Viziv Performance STI concept (wow!) and the new Mercedes-Benz CLS. Heck, we even once included a 6-wheeled Ford by Hennessey that we will never get anyway, but were so overwhelmingly taken with it that we even contemplated starting a crowd fund to get it over here to help in the fight against rhino poaching.

We care bro, we care...

This month, we included the Lexus Project Black that announced it will be joining us for real, for real. Jip, it will arrive as the most powerful in the segment and it surely has AMG and Motorsport kak’ing like never before!

But, sometimes our judgement is off. Last month we were sure that Christmas had arrived early with a sketch of the new Santa Fe concept, and were sure that Hyundai (with all of its brilliance lately) were ready to take a leap into the extraordinary.

But, it would seem that this is not the case. As happens too often, Hyundai (and they're not alone here) have taken a striking concept and dulled it down for you and me. By you and me, we mean reasonable buyers of reasonable things like SUVs that don’t turn heads, but bring about sensible nods.

Yes, it is here people: The very thing that we thought would be a feast for our eyes but alas - it isn’t. It is very nice looking, yes. Reasonable, yes, and probably (considering the Tucson) exceptional value for money and worth every bit of doh that you will spend on it.

But, as this is not a reasonable car-loving platform, as this is Africa’s SOUL car review, we can’t help but feel a little empty. The new Santa Fe is not Christmas come early. The new Santa Fe is a nice, large, reasonable and probably very safe SUV.

Now, who the hell wants one of those? Oh yes. South Africa does! So, here you are South Africa. Behold...