McLaren 570S Spider Track Pack.

For when mommy said 'wait for the better one' and you never did.

When it comes to track packs, special editions, signatures and one-offs, McLaren rules the roost! There isn’t a week when McLaren doesn’t unveil something new in a McLaren that we already have, and we’re sure that you’re as tired of hearing about them as we are. But, are you? Can you ever really get tired of hearing about cars that look like this? Perhaps not. But, what you can get is this: Educated. Yes, educated! So - let's educate. Nowadays, only an idiot would buy a McLaren when it is first released because, seemingly, it will barely be three days until a better version of the very same McLaren is released. Exaggeration aside, is there any human comfortable buying car that just gets perpetually upgraded making you think that the car you originally bought was maybe a bit of a sneaky rip-off? Be that as it may, it can’t stop us from reporting on track pack versions of McLarens we’ve always loved. Like this one. The spidery version the 570S. Incidentally, nothing on the engine side of this spidery McLaren changes, which is perhaps a bit strange (being for the track and all), but the car itself sheds 33kg thanks to carbon fibre seats, other bits and bobs, and clever, light-weight alloy wheels. It also gets a louder exhaust system and a dark palladium roof. No, we also didn’t know what palladium was until we googled it. It’s a fancy-pants metal apparently that will no doubt make you feel a little bit better about spending an extra R300 000 on a McLaren you should have got in the first place! Eish – marra these guys…

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