Cape Town's new & unique Porsche studio

It's not a dealership. It's a boutique studio! Oh yes, and it's the first in the southern hemisphere...

You might be surprised to see a headline about Cape Town without reading about the water crisis but hey, what can you do? Sometimes news is good news and when it comes to fast and beautiful cars, it almost always is (except for that one time when Aston Martin sulked with every one for saying that all older Astons look the same).


Cape Town, the beautiful place that it already is, just got something to make it all the more beautiful - a boutique Porsche studio that is not a car dealership but an immersive Porsche experience that helps you choose and experience your very own custom Porsche before you buy it.

With state of the art surround sound and visual equipment, you can now get a real taste of your Porsche before you own it. Instead of a fat brochure filled with colour choices and listed-options, you can now get absorbed into the Porsche world like never before.

It is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, situated at the V&A waterfront, which probably also means that it comes with overpriced drinks too, foreign accents and very annoying seagulls.

No doubt.

Still, the next time you're at the waterfront and you're tired of the immensity of all things historical - take a walk on over to the Porsche studio!

Cape Town never looked this good...