SA Behold: The Hilly Billy!

After what they did to the X-Class, we weren't sure. But now, after the Hilly, we're sure that someone at Carlex Design is a South African stuck in a Polish body.

It is pure coincidence that yesterday we brought you an in-depth analysis of the Toyota Hilux in South Africa and today this: The Toyota Hilly by Carlex Design that makes you want to pack your bags and move to Poland. Yoh – it’s that nxa!

Now, you know that Chicken Licken advert of that boy who is born in Scandinavia and his parents think he is strange because he likes an odd sport called rugby and swears in Afrikaans? Yes, that one: The one that reaches its climax when it is confirmed that he is actually a South African reincarnated and reborn to a northern European family, as he gets sincere joy from eating Chicken Licken.

Well. It would seem that this is not just an ad. It is based on true events because someone on the Carlex Design team who lives in the Polish town called Czechowice–Dziedzice (nope, we still can’t pronounce it) seems to be South African.

Because let’s be honest: There is literally no other explanation for this customised Hilux. In fact, if the designer's name was actually Jan-Shaka Bertram Naidoo it wouldn’t be South African enough because this Hliux, called the Hilly, was designed for the flats of the Kgalagadi and nothing else!

Shame: Poor Jan-Shaka is clearly stuck in a Polish body and we want him back!

So, we're starting two petitions this morning. One, to get Carlex Design to Africa (please come, you’re amazing) and two, to bring home the poor and lost South African soul from Czechowice– Dziedzice who is currently running the bakkie-loving joint called Carlex Design.