Marra R-Line for what?

The new VW T-Roc R-Line arrives with some dismal performance stats. But hey, at least you can buy the jacket! 

Heck - if you're going to get a T-Roc, why not get the R-Line? Well, that's what we thought too before we realised that this R-Line doesn't come with much.

Yes, the top of the top T-Roc R-Line pushes out 140kW, which means that you'll get from A to B as quick as King Shaka Zulu once did, which was really quick... in the 1800s.

But, after snooping around on the VW site, you need not be too worried if you have your heart set on a R-Line derivative of such miserable proportions, for now you can also buy a R-Line pen for R55, R-Line cell phone cover for R500 and, if you believe it really gets that cold in South Africa, a full-on winter jacket for a mere R7000...

He banna! These guys...

Is it made of gold, you ask? Well, if it wasn't, wouldn't that just be a rip-off? Kind of like putting an R-Line badge on a VW and giving us just 140kW.

Come on bro. If you really want a quick T-Roc just save your moola and wait for the GTI. If it comes...

Or, buy a Polo GTI instead because it will be a whole lot cheaper than this - and whole lot more fun we're sure!

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