New Focus unveiled - fresher & sleeker

April 11, 2018

It's styled better than the last. Now we want the RS!



We'll keep it short, but valuable: The new Focus is really nice looking and will arrive in South Africa later this year. Whether or not though it is nice enough to trump Golf in VW-loving South Africa remains to be seen, but there is no denying that this Focus is certainly sleeker and fresher than the last generation.


That's not really what you want hear though, is it? When will we get the RS, you're thinking. Well, nothing has been confirmed yet but be assured, it will eventually arrive. So, start saving now because you'll need to!



For now though, it's the safety features that you'll like most in the new Focus if that's your thing. Hear this: It utilises Co-Pilot360, which includes adaptive cruise control for stop and go, speed-sign recognition, lane-keeping, and an innovative front lighting system that uses a camera to predict the right headlamp setting for night driving.


Yes, much of that was previously only available in higher-end vehicles and it's brilliant that these are now being included in our favourite hatched segment. As for the engines. From 1 to 2-litres, it is pretty much standard stuff and you're in for an eco-boosted treat. Diesel, the dirty word, is also included of course and again, expect it to be everything that you want.


Neatly too, and what we're sure will be very popular among adventure-hipster kids, bitcoin buyers and middle class parents, there is also a new derivative called the Focus Active, which is a crossover. It arrives higher than the Focus and a little puffed out like an angry cat.


We like it.


So, now that that's all over with: Has the RS arrive yet? Nope. Not yet.








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