M4 for what! New BMW M2 Competition Pack leaked

The new BMW M2 Competition Pack has got us thinking. If its better than the last, why would be an M4?

Oopsie. It’s another convenient leak by a major car brand that’s kind of like swearing at someone you hate and then putting your hand over mouth and saying ‘I’m just joking’. Nope, you are not, and no you don’t care.

As it so happens BMW doesn’t care either and they’re more than happy, we’re sure, that the M2 Competition Pack has been leaked because let’s be honest: It is not going to stop the BMW loving world from buying it, especially now that it's rumoured to adopt the straight six of the M3 and M4, but with a slightly detuned bravado.

Unconfirmed, but confirmed (wink, wink), expect the M2 Competition Pack to hit 100km/h in 4.2 seconds, which is M3-beating good. Of course, it won’t be as vicious as the M4 though, not because BMW can’t engineer it, but because if it were, why would you buy an M4? Even so, you might be considering why you would buy an M4 anyway if this M2 is even better than it predecessor, which we’re pretty sure it will be.

It’s kind of like the Porsche conundrum currently: The Cayman is good enough to make you consider it over the 911, which is all self-defeating stuff. BMW, in trying to fill every gap in the sports car loving market might have outdone (and undone) themselves with this one.

The first M2 was so good that fanatics from all across the motoring world saw it as a genuine and cheaper alternative to a bloated and expensive M4. So, if this M2 is any better, well, that gap just keeps on closing.

Watch this space. Ironically, when we lost the M3 name to an OCD-suffering German, we thought we’d eventually have to get used to the M4 name instead, which, begrudgingly, we were beginning to.

But now, perhaps it's not the M4 at all that we have to think about. As young people always and forever in love with BMW M-cars, and as South Africans who buy fewer M cars than only Germany and the UK, we are relatively confident that the M2 in SA will eventually outweigh the M4 in popularity - because why wouldn’t it?

It is everything that we lost in the E46 and we’d bet our bottom dollar that most rational and coming-of-age South Africans would take it over a fatter M4 that, seemingly, has been lost to the dungeons of motoring bureaucracy and a world of other-worldly prices.

Of course, this M2 won’t be cheap. Not at all. But hey, every cent counts...