5 cars from Gran Turismo that we wish were real

They're called Vision GTs and they're not real. But heck - we wish that some of them were!

Remember when Friday nights were all about pizza and Playstation? Jip – those were the days bro and nothing quite captured them as well a racing game! Need for Speed, Forza Motorsport and of course - Gran Turismo!

Now, if you haven’t been around the gaming scene for a while you might not know this, but to celebrate 15 years of Gran Turismo, GT creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, challenged car makers from around the world to design so-called Vision GTs specifically for the game – cars that weren’t real and never would be, but were so outrageously awesome that we’d love them anyway. It was meant to be testament to creative flair and engineering vision!

Still, you would think that with so much on their plate that car makers would brush off such a challenge.

But hells no! Not so. Car makers stepped it up and what we got was a series of Vision GTs from out of this world that gets you thinking: Why aren’t some of them real?

Here then 5 of the best Vision GTs of all time.

5. Chevrolet Chaparral Vision GT

Powered by an internal laser, this awesome looking thing is an inspirational design that uses future space tech. Who knows: Maybe in 200 years this is what Hamilton’s great, great, great grandson will be racing!

4. Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT

Touted as Nissan’s real future, you could be looking at the potential lines of an upcoming GTR. It arrives hybrid and almost quicker than light! Nice.

3. SRT Tomahawk Vision GT

The top of the range X version of this taps out 650km/h and requires that you wear a specially pressurised G-suit so that your organs don’t collapse with accelerating and braking. Brilliant! Now that there is vision…

2. Fittipaldi EF7 Vision GT

When a F1 champion gets to build and customise a super car according to his own high standards, this is what you get. It’s real pretty and we need it like for real for real! Too fresh bro.

1.IsoRivolta Zagato Vision GT

Now this is pretty! It steals a V8 from a Corvette and hits 100km’h in 2.7 seconds. Best thing about it though? A handful of them will actually be built in real life, which is outrageously good news!

Bonus! BMW Vision GT

This is definitely one of those where you’re like 'but why isn’t this real'? It uses a 3-litre straight 6 (pretty familiar sounding right?) and pushes out 410kW (again, all rather familiar for a fake car). But yoh guys! How’s those lines bro? Come on BMW, make the thing man!