New Mercedes-Maybach (SUV?) teased

With the Beijing Motor Show around the corner, Mercedes-Maybach hopes to turn heads. 

It's just a tease (jip, that's it for now) but from what we can see already, the new Mercedes-Maybach is going to be very neat. Unlike traditional luxury vehicles, like the Rolls Royce for example, Mercedes-Benz describes the Maybach as the ultimate in "modern luxury". 

Apparently that is meant to differentiate it from traditional luxury as seen elsewhere. Basically, it's a wooden floors vs electric walls kind of thing and Mercedes want to very much be the leader in the latter type of luxury. So, from the looks of the inside, they are well on their way!

But, will this Maybach be a SUV? Rumour has it that it will indeed and if so, it may very well be the most luxurious SUV in the world. Well, after the Karlmann King that is, but then again that's not quite "modern luxury", we wouldn't think (unless of course you believe that modern luxury is defined by a golden palace).

Regardless, watch this space. The Beijing Motor Show starts 25 April and runs until 4 May and as soon as it's here, we'll bring it to you!

To watch the full teaser by Mercedes Maybach, click here: