Casual Monday! Jeep unveil juiced-up Trackhawk

In the same time it takes the new Ferrari 488 Pista to hit 100km/h, you can now do so in a family 4X4. Say what?

Yes, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk (already ridiculous enough) has been given a little extra boost by our best Americans friends and mad men, Hennessey. Jip, what it now does should be downright illegal: It pushes out 755kW compliments of a supercharger large enough to power Eskom, which, quite kindly, takes this monster to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds!


What is this world coming to gents? How is GT MAG ever going to impress you when every car we bring you these days seems to be sub 3 seconds, which, as you can see, also now include cars that you can take off road while your nephew plays Nintendo Switch on the back seat. I mean come on bro!

You can now safari in Botswana, and then embarrass a super-hot E46 at Kyalami, all while wiping-up the spilled ice cream that came on a cone too annoyingly small for this car.

I mean listen to this: The quarter mile in 10.8 seconds! When GT MAG was younger, 10.8 was NOS territory, performed by a mad Nissan 1400 with trolley wheels out back, and his entire life savings under the hood.

Now, these days, 10.8 in a pa’s 4X4 is a casual Monday it seems. Casual!

So, happy casual Monday boys! Happy casual Monday.