OFFICIAL: BMW M2 Competition Pack unveiled

It leaked just last week. Here though are the official pics and stats - and confirmation that BMW have shot themselves in the foot?

Jip, we were right. It is going to be very hard justifying buying a BMW M4 when you can own a M2 Competition Pack. 

Looking at it "officially" (wink, wink BMW) we can confidently report that it's as masculine as we could have hoped for and seems to speak to a level of M-division purity. It is now what the E46 M3 was, which, as I'm sure you would agree, was the last of the real M3s.

This M2 does the business. 0-100km/h in 4.2 seconds (4.4 with the manual box), 550Nm of torque and a ridiculously flavourful 302kW. All in a body more deft, more compact and more driving-ly wholesome than the M4. 

Make no mistake: We love the BMW M4 and always have - always will. But, even the staunchest of M4 supporters can see something lost in its current format, as brilliant as it is. And, without having even driven the M2 Competition Pack (but with knowledge of what it replaces) it is already clear how brilliant this M2 will be and how, with it, BMW may have shot themselves in the foot.

For the question is this: Will the M2 Competition Pack bring more M-division buyers to BMW or, will it see M4 buyers shift on over to the M2? 

No doubt, it's the former that they're hoping for but we're not so sure.