Viola Ntwana? Chill! It's a Lambo

A viola-coloured Lamborghini has gone on sale in Canada. We dig it! 

If you stood around a braai and told someone you drive a viola-coloured car, you might get a couple of looks. Bro, they'll say, sort your ish out. Indeed. They'd probably be right. Although, wouldn't it just be too good to then ch'une, 'Yo Ntwana, chill, it's a Lambo!' Well now you can bro because, in what seems to be in dedication to the viola-coloured and very retro Lamborghini Diablo of the 90s, you can now buy a Lamborghini Aventador SV in viola from Lamborghini Montreal. Blame Canada Chana! It costs a cool R8.1 million (casual) but think about what you'll get! 0-100 in 2.8 seconds, a top speed of 350km/h and more head turns than a Beychella concert! Oh yes - and a viola super car bro... Damn. Gotta love it. We certainly do.