Stunning! Memminger unveil awesome Beetle

April 19, 2018

German tuner and bespoke restoration house, Memminger, have unveiled a retro stunner!


Take a look at this gents! If this is not the coolest Beetle you've ever seen then we want to hang out with you! Because where exactly have you seen a cooler one? Please tell.


This restored and reworked masterpiece drops the top and moves the engine, an air-cooled 2.7-litre, to the middle - like a sneaky little super car. There (in perfect driving balance) it pushes out an awesome 156kW in a skin that can only be described as sun burst grey.


Yes, it's a colour that we learnt exists when Rolls-Royce unveiled the Wraith Luminary and it's appropriate: It's a grey that really turns heads like a sunrise, not that this Beetle needs any help to turn heads!


For colour aside, it is possibly the coolest thing we've seen this year. Seriously.


In fact, we sense a Memminger feature on the way! Watch this space.







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