[updated] Mercedes-Maybach SUV

[24 April - this article has been updated from the Maybach leak last Sunday]

The internet has somehow got hold of the Mercedes-Maybach SUV that was meant to be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show.

24 April -

The Mercedes-Maybach SUV concept has officially been unveiled in Beijing! Here are some clearer pics then following the leak two days ago, with some sumptuous interior images - wow! Also, we now know that it has a 500km driving range. Nice.

For more on it, scroll down to our 22 April piece.

22 April -

Well, whether the world wanted it early or not, here it is: The headline act over at Mercedes this coming Beijing Motor Show. Yes, It is the Mercedes-Maybach SUV concept and let's be honest, it's very, very nxa! Or is it? You decide...

Uniquely sloped at the back end and looking more like a raised saloon car than anything else, the Mercedes-Maybach is certainly a head turner. No, it certainly won't be for everyone, that's for sure, but it is nothing short of striking no matter what side of the fence you're on.

It arrives fully electric and is set to push out a ridiculous amount of kW. Yes, 550 of the bad boys to be exact with a top speed limited to 250km/h. Let's just say that it's more than enough considering that the inside of the thing is nothing short of - wowza!

Karlamann King move on over son. Take a look at the inside of this: 4 individual leather seats straight out King Louis' palace, which are trimmed in rose gold and are nothing short of imperial. Luxury to the Nth degree!

You see Rolls-Royce - you don't need Tudor Oak Wood from the Czech Republic to make an interior lavishly luxurious...

Wait - what wood is that over there in the door panels?

Mmm. Watch this space gents. More on this car coming soon!