New Land Rover Defender will get bakkie

Continuing a long line of tradition, the new Land Rover Defender will release a bakkie to rival the Mercedes-Benx X-Class.

Above pic: The current Defender bakkie, tweaked by Kahn Design

Reports out of the UK suggest that a bakkie version of the new Land Rover Defender will be released and South Africa is like - sick china!

It continues a long line of tradition. Land Rover bakkies are staple diet for Landie lovers and South Africans especially love the pick-up variants. This one however, will arrive a tad more luxurious than previous variants and is specifically meant to take aim at the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

Strangely though, considering its rival, it will arrive as a single cab only, which, as proper as that is, doesn't speak much to the X-Class crowd who need a back seat for children - and things.

Perhaps it's for the best though because not even Land Rover themselves are sure that the new Defender will be worth buying anyway, and are on record as saying that the new Defender is "polarising".

The old head of design also stated that he wasn't sure whether staunch Defender lovers would even buy the new one.

Now, call us crazy, but that can't be very good, can it? Nope, not at all.