BEIJING LIVE: A-Class saloon? Best believe it!

In its attempt to literally cover all bases, Mercedes have created a saloon-shaped A-Class.

In order to distract attention from the Audi A3 saloon, you can now buy a Mercedes-Benz A-Class L Sedan, which is saloon-shaped and, not a word of a lie, very pretty - don't you think?

But, we know what you're already thinking: Will we get an AMG-version and when will it arrive? Well, the good news yes, we most certainly will, but when? Still a mystery.

Still, know this: The A43 and A45 AMG will push out between 224kW and 294 kW, which is decently vicious stuff!

In the meantime though, you will be able to get anything from a 1.5 diesel to a 2-litre turbo, which will be more than awesome enough. Besides, you'll also get the 'Hey Mercedes' feature like in the hatch back, which is so awesomely distracting that you won't care much for what's under the hood anyway!

So, what do you think of the saloon version? Good move by Mercedes?