Arctic Freeze! Isuzu unveil stunner

We forget that South Africa's 4th favourite bakkie is not only designed for the dry veld. It's designed for the cold too!

There are three things we release on GT MAG that draw unanimous praise from all of us. The first is a customised BMW E30 (or gusheshe) that all reasonable South Africans just love.

The second is a VW Golf - preferably any Golf with mags.

And the third, possibly the most popular of them all, speaks to our bakkie-mad nation more than any other. Jip, a decked-out double cab boet, with raised suspension and tyres fatter than a Sabie Hippo.

This is Africa bro and it's exactly why when we saw this Isuzu this morning, we were like 'Yusis bru, this is sick!'

It's because we know that from Blouberg to Boksburg, via the Kalahari, we will look the part and that's all that matters!

As it so happens though, and despite how often we forget it, this here double cab also appeals to those tough folk in much colder places than this.

Yes, meet the Isuzu KB Arctic Trucks Stealth Model, which is more than just a cool name. It's a blacked-out monster with bigger tyres, lifted suspension and, hear this, words stitched into the seats. No doubt, all of it looks pretty damn good! 

But, that's where it all ends gents because this Arctic Stealth Model doesn't come with anything more than the standard KB, which boasts a 1.9 turbodiesel motor with 120kW and a pathetic 360Nm of torque. 

Look, we, like you, are veld-hard South Africans and understand all too well that 360Nm of torque, pushed through a low-range box, is more than sufficient when navigating everywhere from the Cape Fold Mountains to the Kruger, but still, wouldn't it have been nice to have been offered some silly V8 to match the drapes?

But alas - no!

Truthfully, we're not too worried though. Only 10 of these will be built anyway so we will never have to feel the pain of driving one.

Thank goodness.